Jacksonville's Personal Injury Network

The Help4Jax network is a group of health care providers and personal injury specialists in the Jacksonville area. We're dedicated to helping you recover or maintain your well-being after personal injury. Our network is made up of spinal, cranial, and brain specialists, all of whom are long-time Jacksonville residents. We have dedicated our lives and our careers to delivering friendly, expert care to otherJacksonville residents– our friends, our families, our neighbors. If you've suffered a personal injury or experience pain/difficulty due to a spinal, cranial, or neurological condition, we're here to help.

We are also the only Jacksonville-area health care providers with access to Cranial Cervical Protocol. This advanced, MRI-based diagnostic method has been revolutionary in detecting cranial and cervical injuries that other diagnostic methods consistently fail to spot. Based on the ground-breaking research of Dr. JosteinKrakenes of Norway's HaukelandUniversity Hospital. Using Cranial Cervical Protocol, we spot ligament damage, brain herniations, and soft tissue damage in a high rate of patients, particularly those who've been involved in vehicular collisions.

"Without Cranial Cervical Protocol…our patients might fail to receive the treatment they need, or could have their insurance claims denied – all because of poor diagnostic methods."

This is huge news for many of our patients. Without Cranial Cervical Protocol, many of these injuries would never be diagnosed, meaning our patients might fail to receive the treatment they need, or could have their insurance claims denied – all because of not using these game-changing diagnostic methods. At Help4Jax, we make sure Jacksonville residents who have suffered from personal injury receive the care, treatment, and support they need.

Because of our longstanding ties in the Jacksonville area, we are also able to put you in touch with Jacksonville-based neurologists, orthopedists, pain management specialists, and a personal injury attorneys. Unlike 1-800 number referral companies, the specialists and attorneys we recommend our patients to do not compensate Help4Jax to receive your referral. Instead, you can rest assured that your referral is made solely in your best interest.

Are you a Jacksonville-area resident suffering from a personal injury? Call Help4Jax today at (904) 500-4JAX to receive the care and attention you deserve!